Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another beautiful lady in a beautiful dress

It's a very (very) slow process, but I am gradually filling up a sketchbook with beautiful ladies in beautiful dresses. You may remember this project of mine. I use a wedding magazine as reference for poses and dresses and then I just go about my own way in drawing a lady in a beautiful dress. It's my way of practicing a full length clothed figure. They never come out as wedding dresses though. Here's my latest:

This pose was challenging as it was from behind, which I'd never done before.

I think it shows. Especially around the neck. It's a little too...um...exorcist, haha. As if she's bending her head too far.

But I am quite proud of the hands. I usually try to avoid those, but told myself not to be a coward this time.

The face is ... well...okay... a bit too girlish in my opinion, not really a lady.

But as a whole I rather like her.

The piece was done in watercolour and drawing pen with some added collage. I like the way the folds in the dress came out and I love the colour of it. The background I totally made up and I added some flowers that I cut from the wallpaper my coworker gifted me. It ads a nice touch I think.

The background is part of the fun of these ladies, as is the choosing of different materials and techniques. And of course making an image in a magazine your own is fun too. I altered the dress not only in colour, but also in design. It's like playing dress up and make believe with your own drawings. ;-)

Hope you liked looking at this new lady and wish you all a wonderful and artsy week!