Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let me take you to London! - Day 6

From June 15 to 23 I was on a nine day trip to London! These posts are my slideshows of that vacation so you can all travel along with me and enjoy the sights. 

I also kept a journal while I stayed there which I will show completely when I'm done with the photographs. Enjoy!

On the sixth day I really had to do something practical first. I knew I would have to go to Heathrow Airport by bus on Sunday (since I would be taking an early flight). I had already gotten the travel information from the website of London Transport, but I wanted to see the bus stop where I had to change buses personally before I went on that trip so I wouldn't get lost on Sunday morning and miss my flight or something (ack!).
The bus stop change was near Temple, which was convenient, because from there it's not such a far walk to Blackfriars Bridge and the Tate Modern, which is where I wanted to go that day anyway. So the first part of that day was another little walk along the Thames, although not nearly as far as a few days before. ;-)

A walk along the Thames means views of London and views mean pictures!

A remnant of the past.

Between all the new there's always an old beautiful building to be found.

Sometimes even more than one! This one makes me wish I was good at drawing architecture.

But this is what we came here for today: the Tate Modern! It is what it says: a gallery for modern art.

Even around here I cannot resist a line of tree stems.

A see through in the galleries. See the difference with yesterday's Tate?

Richard Serra, this is kept up by nothing but physics! I still can't believe it.

Oh Tate Modern Shop, if only I could take you home with me! It's an overload of art books!

After many an inspirational hour there it was time to cross the Millennium Bridge.

A last look at the old power station. Bye bye Tate!

And onward to St. Pauls.

Could two buildings be anymore different?

What a contrast on either side of a bridge!

After all those impressions and hours on my feet it was time for another visit to a park. I sat on a bench and just read. Lovely.

And here's what I got at the Tate Modern shop! More London loot! That secret garden book is a must have for doodle lovers.

The Tate modern suffered from the same thing as Tate Britain: part of it was being refurbished and of course it was the best part: the turbine hall. So no fascinating pictures of that impressive piece of architecture. It is really cool though that they used an old power station for this gallery.

A must see in the Tate Modern is the Rothko room. If you ever want to be sucked into a series of paintings that is the place to go. A lot of what's on display does not speak to me as much though as what's on display in the other Tate. I think I'm just too much of a romantic when it comes to art and too hung up on the beauty of it. But's a fascinating place to look around and get your art on if only for a different perspective. Also their shop cannot be beat! It's the best museum/gallery shop I have ever encountered.

In general the shops in the big London museums/galleries are fabulous. I think in my country the shops are too ... what's the word ... fancy? Too much stuff for people who can afford it if you know what I mean. Too posh and poo poo. In London they seem to understand that art can be fun, that the people who visit museums may actually be creative people and they also cater really cool stuff for kids! In short...please Dutch museums: look to London and stop taking yourself so damned seriously!

And that's the end of Day 6. Are you getting tired already? I know I was! But you still have a few days to go, so don't go crashing on me. There's still places to go and things to see!

See you tomorrow!