Friday, October 2, 2020

The Black Book

Journals and sketchbooks with black paper seem to be coming into fashion lately and I couldn't resist buying one. I have done some digital patterns on a black background and I really liked the effect, so I wanted to try doing some on black paper. To help me with my patterns I bought a dotted bullet journal.

I have been playing in this journal with gel pens and coloured pencils, mostly as part of my morning art routine. Here are my first tries:

I'm sorry about the glare in some of these pics. I do my morning art pretty early and now the days are getting shorter I need to take the photographs in artificial light and I have also found this black journal to be much harder to take a good picture of. 

I really like the effect of coloured pencil on this paper and as you can see I have become fascinated with colour gradients. Those are also a good way of using all the pencils in your pencil box by the way. ;-)

Hope you are trying some new surfaces for your art and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!