Saturday, October 10, 2020


After doing a whole lot of single pattern drawings on the iPad I wanted to try doing a few small series. 

The idea was to make four drawings in the same colour palette and the same digital brushes. Those four would then together also form a grouping that I like to call a quartet

So here are my first two quartets and the eight drawings that they consist of:

All these were done with a digital pencil brush. The first quartet is my absolute favorite, I love the colours and the pattern drawings it consists of. 

These series take just about forever to make. My type of drawing is not for people who quickly want to scribble something onto paper and move on to the next page. I am always a little surprised that my restless nature finds so much solace in these types of drawings, but it does and I'm al the more lucky for it. 

Hope art (or another wonderful pastime)  is giving you some well deserved peace of mind and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.