Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Collage Cards

Besides drawing patterns and other nonsense, doing collage may be one of my favourite things to do art wise. I'm never quite sure if my collages really should be considered art, since to me it's pretty much just mixing and matching pieces together and then maybe embellishing them a little. I have no doubt however that it's a wonderful form of personal expression and that it's just basically a lot of fun.

From time to time I like to make collage cards to send as snail mail to whoever might like them.

Here are eight cards I made recently:

I am realising more and more in the last year that for me art is about finding some peace of mind. That sounds a bit more dramatic than I mean it, but that is basically what it is about. I can see it in my collages too. They are always about things like beauty, silence, the good life, balance, personal strength, et cetera. 

I find it interesting that whether you intend to or not, your art will say a lot about you. One might misunderstand and think that I am a very peaceful serene person with lots of patience (I mean, really, who takes twenty hours for a small pattern drawing and thinks that is pleasurable?), but I think it's the opposite. I am a person who seeks beauty, calm and patience because I find them treasures that are often so hard to come by naturally. Just like my journals, art is a kind of instrument to help me cope with life. It's processing and reflection and a moment of quietude.  

I hope you are doing things to stay a bit more peaceful in this crazy world and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.