Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A week in the Achterhoek; part one of two

In the beginning of October I had two weeks off from work. The first week I spent at my sister's house. She lives in the East of The Netherlands in a region called Achterhoek. It's mostly farmland and low countryside. I also got to take care of her dog Jinte, which is always fun, because she's adorable.

Because of corona I didn't really do much else than read, write, draw and walk the dog. No daytrips or going to cities for shopping or museums. And of course I took plenty of naps. It was a pleasantly boring week. That didn't stop me from taking pictures of course, so this and the next post form a collection of pictures from walks I took that week.

The weather that week was very rainy and windy. I think it may be the wettest vacation I ever had. So  many of these walks were done either with an umbrella or in between rain showers. 

Hope you enjoyed a peek into that countryside though and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.