Sunday, August 2, 2020

Radiotherapy Project

Late August to late September 2019 I had my radiotherapy sessions. It meant going back and forth to the main land for five days a week for five weeks straight. Before it started I was not looking forward to all the travel, but it turned out to be a strangely calm and orderly time. It helped of course that I felt good and suffered only very mild side effects.

What also helped were coffee houses, drawing on the iPad and a little photography project where I took black and white photographs of my trips. Mostly in Leeuwarden where the institure for radiotherapy was situated, but some were taken in Harlingen and one is of the ferry in the early morning before I left from the island.

Here are some pictures from that little personal project.

It was good for me to have more things to focus on than just the treatments and to fill all the waiting time with creative endeavours. Even when your world feels very small you can broaden it by looking around you. I helped me a lot.

Hope you are broadening your personal world a little everyday and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.