Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Six from one

As you  know I draw a lot of rather rigid patterns and I love them very much, but from time to time I do long for a bit more loose drawing with a bit less control. That doesn't come as easy to me as my strict patterns.  I'm a control freak in my art as I am in life.  

So I figured it wouldn't hurt to broaden my horizon a little. 

I happened to have this book in my collection:

It's about exactly what it says: expressive drawing. The drawings in it are not always to my taste, but the idea behind them certainly is, so I decided to do some exercises from this book just to see if I could loosen up a little. This post is about one such exercise.

The idea was to make a simple line drawing in pen and then copy that drawing several times and continue to work on them so you have multiple drawings stemming from the same original drawing. 

So I did the following line drawing:

After that I got to work over several weeks on different approaches to this drawing in order to finish it. That led to the folowing six drawings:

It was really interesting to see what different materials and different approaches could lead to. It was a fun experiment and it sure got me thinking out of the box. 

I will definitely try some more ideas from this book in the future. 

Hope you are experimenting with some fun ideas and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.