Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pattern Variations

Patterns are my addiction (well, patterns and chocolate, but let's focus on the artsy stuff, shall we?) and I don't think this will ever go away. I like drawing doodles and freeform 'nonsense', but I think I like using grids most of all. I think it's the control freak in me. So it's no surprise I keep coming back to my Moleskine XL squared notebook which I am filling to the brim with pattern after pattern after pattern.

One fun thing to do is to fill several pages with the same colour combination but different style patterns, just to see what the effect will be.

Here are six pages I recently filled in purples and pinks:

All these were done in felt tip pens as you can also see in the photos. My Stabilo68 pens and the smooth paper of the notebook really agree with each other, so I keep using them. In fact over the years I have had to replace quite a lot of colours already so I could keep going.

The above notebook is slowly coming to an end. I have six pages to go and then it will be full. It's always a bit exciting to (almost) finish a book you have worked in for so long (two years), so I look forward to fully filling it up. I'll keep you posted!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. I shouldn't be surprised by how very different the same colors can look in different patterns, but I am!! Stunning and somehow deeply satisfying. :-)

    1. Thank you. I'm still amazed at how, after all this time, I still like playing with grids and patterns so much. 😊


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