Monday, September 17, 2018

Morning Mosaic #16 - step by step

Last April I decided to stop my morning art practice for an indefinite while, so I could get a bit more sleep and distance and just see how I would like it to go without. I had been doing my morning art for about three years by then, which I still think of as quite an accomplishment.

For those of you who don't know: I set aside about thirty minutes every morning right after getting up to work on some specific art project. It was almost a form of meditation for me and I enjoyed it very much, but it felt good to stop for a while too and just sit back.

Anyway, my last morning art project was doing what I call watercolour mosaics, which is pretty much what it sounds like: mosaic patterns in watercolour. I recently realised I had not shown you the last of those paintings yet, so I thought I would make up for that today and show you the process of mosaic number sixteen.

Every picture represents one half hour morning session, so this was a full week of morning art. Differences in colours have to do with different lighting circumstances.

So this was the last morning mosaic for a while. I have worked in this sketchbook after that, but not as morning art. When I have some more newer pages done I will of course show them to you.

Also, very recently I have been trying to get back into my morning art routine in general. It's still very fresh and frail and I'm not making any promises yet that I will continue with it. Still, for now it's nice to slowly get back to it, because as much as I enjoy the extra sleep, I do miss my routine a little. We'll see how it goes and I will keep you posted.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day. 


  1. Wat een mooi effect geeft die verf, ik vind dit sprekender dan de mozaieken die je met stift maakte... veel succes met het vinden van je 'draai', goed dat je de ochtendroutine eens doorbrak om te kijken hoe dat bevalt - ook ik ben een mens van 'rituelen en routine' maar eens in de zoveel tijd moet je weer 's 'her-ijken' om te zien of 'het ritueel' nog steeds is wat je echt wilt of dat je er in bent vastgeroest... Geniet van de week Caatje: nazomer-zon, warmte, zee, duinen en strand, we hebben het maar getroffen niet?! Liefs van mijn 'eiland' naar het jouwe!

    1. Ik heb een beetje een haat/liefde verhouding met routines. Ze geven rust en maken dat ik echt tijd maak voor dingen, maar ze voelen soms ook als verplichte nummers en vroeg opstaan is sowieso niet mijn ding.
      Tja, werken met stift is lekker praktisch als je graag op de bank tekent, dus daar gaat mijn voorkeur toch naar uit. ;-) Geniet van de nazomer!

  2. So pretty. I still haven't done one of these but still plan on it one day. It looks so different from beginning to end. : )

    1. I sometimes like the in between stages better than the end result, but I simply cannot leave things 'unfinshed'. 😊


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