Saturday, May 6, 2017

Collages in the Morning

Well, after seven posts about my vacation (thanks for your patience by the way) you must be craving some artsy stuff! So I thought I'd show you some morning art.

My current project for morning art is filling a thin A5 Seawhite sketchbook with collages. It's interesting to do something so different from what I've been doing the past two years, which was basically drawing and painting (mostly) from my imagination. I am enjoying the challenge though.

Here are six more collages:

What I love about collage is basically the mixing and matching of elements and setting things up to make an attractive layout. I also like play with the backgrounds, but I'm currently finding I like the solid coloured ones made of paper the best. But that may change as this project continues. We'll see.

What is also fun is to put stuff together on intuition. I have some folders with different imagery and words and photographs and I just 'see what happens'. I'm not planning anything ahead of time and just go one step at a time. I like adding details in marker and pen and I like picking words just because they feel right, not because they are so fitting to the imagery. There really is no rhyme or reason to this (or to any of my art really) except that I like how it looks and love playing with materials. And it sure is nice to play with materials that have been a bit neglected lately (like my washi tape en paint markers).

Hope you are playing with some materials wherever you are and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. Wat leuke collages , ja niks zo prettig dan gewoon je laten gaan met al het materiaal en knipsels die je voorhanden hebt , ben benieuwd wat we nog allemaal te zien krijgen .

  2. I love every one of these ... excellent job and I can tell you had fun doing them too. :)

    1. Thank you Debi, and yes, I do enjoy doing these very much. :-)


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