Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Walking from east to west

On an exceptionally beautiful spring day last week I decided to take an extra long walk from the east side of the island all the way to the west side. For me an extra long walk is a little over 15 km (I think that's about 10 miles).  It was such an idyllic day that I could not stop taking pictures with my phone.

Here's an impression of that walk for your enjoyment.

It was like a little day trip on my own island and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I got a major sunburn that day too (ouch), but it was totally worth it!

Hope you are enjoying the beauty of whatever place you are at and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. I so look forward to your walks, it looks like you live in paradise, and it's such a joy for you to share them with us!

    OUCH sunburn, and this early in the year! I am fair skinned too and burn easily, so can sympathise with you! I do hope it's not too bad

    1. I recoverd from the sunburn, but I do have to be careful. I do have very fair skin too, but also the weather here can deceive you. There almost always a lot of wind so you don't feel the sunburn so much until it's too late. I handle protective lotions rather badly, my skin just wants them out out out, so they never really help much even though I do use them. I try to walk extra early in the morning on warm sunny days and pretty much stay out of the sun the rest of the day.
      And yes, I do live in a paradise, haha! :-)

  2. Fijn dat je ons weer laat meegenieten want het is keer op keer echt indrukwekkend hoe mooi "jouw" eiland wel is , prachtige foto's ! Hopelijk niet tè veel last van de zonnebrand .

    1. Het was even lastig, maar nu ben ik vooral gekleurd. Ik moet er echt mee uitkijken en het weer is hier vaak erg verraderlijk met verkoelende wind waardoor je de zon onderschat.
      Fijn dat je steeds meegeniet. :-)


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