Monday, December 28, 2015

Come rain, come fog, come shine...

It is no secret I love the place I live. I am very fortunate to have found a home on one of the most beautiful places in my country, the island of Vlieland.

I sometimes have to laugh at myself when I go on walks, because everytime I do, no matter what the weather is I'm all 'ooh, it's so beautiful right now, I think I like this weather the best'. And then a completely different kind of day comes along and I do the same all over again.  :-)

Here's a little demonstration of that.

It's winter, well sort of. We are having another no winter winter so far, but at least it's often stormy, grey and wet, so it's definitely not summer. When the tide is high, right between storms that can lead to pictures like these:

Where the edge of the water is there should be a road. High tide can be quite spectacular here and this is still a rather moderate day. I can tell you that walking home right into the wind that day was no small feat. ;-)

Now when a beautiful sunny day comes along and the wind stops blowing it's like a little miracle and with low tide I get to take pictures like these:

A lot of days are something in between, it's either rather still but rainy or very windy but sunny. Then I can take pictures like this:

I don't know if you can tell from the above, but the water is all wavy because of the strong wind. These are the kinds of days when everything feels extra alive!

And then right after such a sunny miracle the gray returns. It gets foggy and chilly and it seems impossible that just the day before everything was so idyllic. Except: I love foggy and chilly too! Lookit:

In short: there's just no way the weather gods can stop me from loving my island! I think the only weather I really really don't like is extreme heat, but fortunately that only happens a few times a year.

Hope you loved walking with me through the different weathers of the past weeks as much as I did and I wish you a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. As always, I loved taking the walk with you. It's so gorgeous where you live!

    1. I'm very fortunate and happy to have you along Debi. :-)

  2. Carin you live in such an awesome place, and I always love your pictures. These are wonderful, and thanks for the descriptions of each one......Linda E.

  3. Loved it - glad you are having a happy break. Good to recharge in such beautiful surrounds.


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