Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More from MJ's 32nd Book (International Fake Journal Month)

A busy family weekend with lots of fun will soon be followed by a busy family week when they visit me on the island, so the fake journal does not get much time. But I am still enjoying it!

Here are some of the latest goings on in MJ's book.

PS Thanks for all the birthday wishes both here and on facebook and mail. Love you all!

PPS It's not too late to join the birthday giveaway (see previous post).


  1. Such beautiful work. The third one down on the page really caught my eye. There is just something about the colors and the vertical work on the left page that I really like. All the pages are really beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy doing doodles like those.

  2. Hi Caatje, Greetings from Canada!! I'm on vacation this week and of course have come down with an
    annoying cold. "Sniff!!! Cough!!" Boo! Oh, and it snowed! Mid April and we have snow!!! Life is so
    unfair sometimes. But anyways ...

    MJ's book is filling up nicely. Once again the vivid colours make me smile. I love when you create patterns
    to use as page backgrounds. It seems to me like a terrific way to "loosen" up your imagination and get the
    ideas flowing. Sorta like stretching before exercising.

    I'm sure you've probably written about this before but may I ask what size you prefer to work in when journalling?
    What size is MJ?

    I think I'll try creating some patterns this afternoon of my own whilst trying to keep warm. Hope things are
    well and Spring like on your little island and hope you had a great time with your family visitors.


    1. My favorite size journal is called variety. I like to change up the formats and sizes of my journals all the time. I've worked as small as A6 and as big as A3. I've used notebooks, loose index cards, photoalbums, beautiful sketchbooks, old atlasses and also made my own from scratch. You name it and I've done it. MJ's book (an altered book) is about 18x25 cm, which is aprox. 7x10 inches. I really like the size of this book.
      Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Happy Easter, and belated Happy Birthday! Always enjoy seeing what you are up to. The fake journal project has been on my want-to-do-list for a couple of years. Enjoy seeing yours. Keep having fun!

    1. Thank you Pat. This was on my to do list for years as well. Glad I finally am doing it.

  4. Love, love, love what you... sorry... MJ's doing in "her" journal! Keeping a fake journal is so freeing isn't it? Can't wait to see what the rest of the month will bring. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Dana! I indeed love working in the fake journal. ;-)


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