Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MJ's 32nd Book continued (International Fake Journal Month)

Here are some more pages from my fake journal. Some are pages you saw in the previous post that have been elaborated upon, some are completely new.

I really enjoy this way of working on an entire book instead of just on one seperate spread at a time as I usually do. MJ is opening up a whole new way of working for me! ;-)

As you can see MJ likes to draw girls, flowers and patterns, I wonder where she gets that from?

Funny little fact: in a comment to a previous post Claudia asked me if I had a picture in my mind of what MJ looks like. I already did a little at first, but it wasn't until I drew the woman in the 'Coulor Crush' page (yes, big spelling mistake, I know) and coloured her in with her flaming red hair that it really came to me: "This is her, this is MJ!". No doubt about it, that's what she looks like. So now  you all know who to picture, haha.

Hope you're all enjoying my fake journal as much as me!

Now keep your eyes open for my next post, 'cause there's nothing fake about that one. It will be my real birthday and as always there will be a real giveaway! See you on Friday!