Monday, October 21, 2013

More watercolour nonsense

You all know how I like to play with my watercolours and call it 'watercolour nonsense'. No no no, you don't need to tell me it's not nonsense, because it is and that's exactly why I like it.

I especially like to use my most expensive watercolours for this and I totally encourage you to do the same. Don't waste time postponing using the good stuff until you have something that you consider worthy. That day will never come. Play with the good stuff and it will free you from that kind of ... eh... nonsense. If you can't play with it, how are you ever going to be able to work with it when it counts?

Here's four pages from my big (A4) moleskine watercolour book.

All I do with these is draw an outline in a 4H pencil and then colour it all in. I love colouring stuff in, it's meditation on paper. Really, if you can't draw, just shapes and lines will do. And if you're afraid of those, get yourself a colouring book, they make amazing ones for adults. Or wait until a miracle happens and I finally finish the colouring book I'm making for you all, haha. It will come, some day, I promise, some day, really really....;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy week!


  1. Oh Caatje - are you really preparing a coloring book for me? I won't get a moleskin (not even sure exactly what that is) but if you make a coloring book, than I will color... don't forget to let us all know when it is done, and here is some extra energy to put into it, from me! :-)

    1. It will be a small one, probably to download. Like a little zine. I just need to finally finish it, which I keep putting off. But it is coming. ;-)

  2. I really like your results and will give this a try. I especially like the blues.

  3. I like your advice to use "the good stuff" are so right that the "perfect moment" isn't likely to come. And with some materials, by the time you get around it, sometimes they're not in prime condition for use.

    1. Oh that's the saddest thing ever. To let materials go to waste so they can't be used anymore. I never want that to happen to me again ever.


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