Friday, October 11, 2013

From the White Book

The last few weeks have been somewhat slow for me on the artsy front. Too many appointments, too many trips to the main land. Nothing serious, a lot of fun things actually, but also stuff that takes me away from my own personal rythm. Especially now I'm working less it seems more and more important to me to be able to stick to some routine and when I can't I sort of loose my momentum and the studio is visited less and less even on the times when there's plenty of opportunity.

But one thing always continues and that's the journal of course. The journal is like the baseline of my artsy endeavors. It's always there and the White Book is patient and available no matter what's going on in my life. Here are some of my latest spreads:

Looking at the amount of pages in the White Book that are still left, I'd say I have about two to three months to go before this book is finished and I'd love to finish it before the year is over, but this is one of those things that you just can't force (nor do I want to).

After busy times I now have a whole four day weekend to myself and I'm ever so pleased about that. Hoping to get back into my artsy groove, do some play and get my hands really dirty. ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. I've seen MANY, MANY journals online but "your" style is the one that I like the best. Thank you so much for sharing, not only your pages but also the information [about how you did your pages!], I so appreciate it. : )

    - Debi

    1. Thank you so much Debi. It makes me happy you enjoy my pages.

  2. I love your philosophy and your art work. So much! You can express in words concepts that I feel but do not express, until I read your thoughts. Then, I go: Oh. Right! That's why I do thus and such, or That's exactly what I do!! But I had never tried to examine or understand why I do or think the things I do. You are amazing on so many levels. On the pages you show above, there are faint backgrounds....dots, etc. Are those stamped on or did you paint them? They are great. Some almost look like bubble wrap stamping...but I am not sure. I love it!

    1. Aw Patricia, thank you so much for your sweet words.
      As for the backgrounds, most in this post were done with stencils. I use a piece of household sponge and opaque watercolor and stencil the patterns on the background. I usually do a couple of backgrounds in advance so I can just get right to decorating. A couple of backgrounds also have decorative paper on them. Hope this helps.


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