Wednesday, October 16, 2013

From the pattern book

My moleskine sketchbook full of patterns is an ongoing source of pleasure for me. I love leafing through it to see all those bright colours and shapes staring back at me. I love how these drawings have no purpose whatsoever and yet make me completely happy. Hey, maybe that IS their purpose! (duh!)

Here are some of my latest entries into the pattern book:

The last two pages are part of a new experiment I'm calling 'symmetricals'. I divide the page with a ruler in symmetrical shapes and lines and then work from there. It makes me think of mosaics and puzzles.

As always these are done in Pitt Big Brush markers and they totally validate my splurge on them about a year ago for the whole set. Love them! ;-)

Hope you are experimenting and playing wherever you are and wish you a wonderful and artsy Wednesday!


  1. vaak vragen mensen....wat moet je daar nou mee....ooit heb ik gezegd..gebruik het als had zijn gezicht moeten zien
    wat ik bedoel te zeggen is dat ik gelukkig word van wat ik maak en van wat jij maakt
    das het enige dat telt toch?

    1. LOL! da's nog eens multifunctionele kunst! ;-)

  2. I love these patterns, Caatje. Lovely!


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