Saturday, October 26, 2013

Magazine portraits

As you may or may not remember I like to draw after magazine images to practice my drawing skills.

The next two portraits were done in a big A3 size sketchbook with a manga brushpen. I have no idea what brand it is (the writing is all in Japanese), but it has two tips with very nice sturdy 'brushes'. I liked playing with it.

The first one didn't go exactly like I wanted, but I'm pretty pleased with the second one. The thing is that I apparently have a strange way of drawing portraits. I didn't know it was strange until I took some art classes a few years back. We had to draw each other and everybody started with the shape of the face except me, I always start with the hair above the forehead and the eyes and such and work downwards from there.
I have no idea why I work that way, but I just do. The first drawing was an experiment to try the other approach and draw the shape of the face first. I noticed immediately after that that I couldn't fit the rest of the face in the shape correctly (the eyes, the nose etc.).
The second one I did in my own way and it worked a lot better in my opinion, I'm kind of proud of it actually, especially since they are both directly drawn in marker and there was no way to correct anything.

The images both came from the same wedding magazine from which I steal my beautiful ladies series. One magazine can go a long way, haha.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!

PS: there's a mini-interview with me, myself and I on the Featuring website. You can find it here


  1. Ha Caatje... ik heb het hartstikke druk de laatste dagen (weken?!) en amper de tijd om mijn 'blogrondje' te doen - zo jammer eigenlijk... ik zie wel het één en ander op facebook maar al die 'likes' zijn dan weer zo vluchtig... ik hoop binnenkort in rustiger vaarwater te komen zodat ik weer op m'n gemak alles kan zien én uitgebreid reageren! Oh, en ben je nog niet weggewaaid? Houd beide voetjes maar goed op de grond vandaag!

    1. Been there, done that. Ik ben de laatste tijd bijna alleen nog maar online om mijn mail te checken en mijn eigen spul bij te houden. Het komt er gewoon niet vanj, terwijl ik het toch echt hartstikke leuk vind in de blogosphere. Ben niet weggewaaid, maar dingen in mijn tuin wel, haha. Aardig wat schade ook op het eiland, maar geen enge dingen gelukkig..


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