Friday, March 22, 2013

Photography Friday and a blog break

Time for another Photography Friday. Peek through my smart phone camera app with me and see a (small!) sample of the photographs I took in the past two weeks.

We had two whole sunny warm days of spring. Two whole days! I saw butterflies and all! Really I did!

Nothing beats a chocolate muffin and a caramel macchiato...

...except a cute kitty of course, blurry, but cute! ;-)

The Book Formerly Known as ROD Square while it was still in the making.

Oh, the joy of a full worktable and a sketchbook! I'm sure you can relate.

Um...yeah...did I mention those two days of spring already? After that we had this...

....and this....

....and this....

....and this too. Lots of snow and full blown winter!

The snow disappeared, but winter stayed. By the way, doesn't this look just like the cabin of some hermit?

New snow has been predicted already. Winter likes it here this year! I'm the only one left on the island happy about it.

Oh...and I've become obsessed with patterns. Will tell you all about that later!

And now I have to say goodbye to you for a while, because I'm going to have myself a little vacation. Ten days of freedom, yay! Four days will be spent here and six will be spent on a neighboring island where I have rented the tiniest studio. If the pictures can be believed it has the weirdest bed ever, so I just had to stay there (it had nothing to do with the last minute prices or anything, of course not). You can see some pictures here.

I guess you can tell how much I love the island life by the fact that I'm even vacationing on one, but I suppose the one and only bad thing about living here is that I can never go here on vacation, haha. It's impossible to be an anonymous tourist in your own town.

I'll be taking my 'real' camera with me on this trip and plan to make this entire vacation all about photography exploration. So no special journal or anything like that. Just photographs, long hikes and some nice books (I'm taking Isabel Allende and Haruki Murakami with me as travel companions).

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend for now and a Happy Easter for later and see you around the beginning of April. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share by then!