Monday, September 3, 2012

So, what were you up to last week?

Well, here I am again, after a week of absence. It's been one of those busy full weeks. I worked almost every night trying to get things done in time and I went to the main land two weekends in a row. Sigh.

Anyway, here's an impression of last week in photographs:

Left the island for the first time in two months, sat on a terrace and sketched my drink.

Went on one of my famous shopping sprees.

Worked my ass of to finish a painting for my sister (will show you the results on Wednesday).

Had a no fun dentist appointment and celebrated it was over by taking this route back to the office.

Worked another ass off to finish designing, printing and sewing 180 of these babies!

Got rid of an unwanted intruder.

Wanted to dognap this sweetie pie my sister got, but they watched me like hawks so I couldn't.

Visited an art supply fair with way too many cute things, like all these ribbons.

Bought way too much. This is just the sticker selection I got. Two shopping sprees in one week, oh my!

Was granted not one, not two, but three original art pieces by my grand niece. Put them on my studio wall.

Ad to all that a full time work week and some goings on among family and friends that kept my head busy and I can tell you it was a full week and I was glad I had put up notice here that I wouldn't be blogging. I'm hoping this week will be a bit calmer and I hope we will all have a good artsy time!


  1. Wat een grappige boekjes heb je gemaakt! Ik was vorig weekend met mn zusje op Vlieland en we hebben enorm genoten van het mooie weer, alle stranden en de prachtige bossen!
    Maar nu ben ik wel benieuwd naar die boekjes van jou!

    Groetjes, Houtjetouwtje

    1. De boekjes zijn voor een personeelsdag van de vier Friese Waddeneilanden. Ik zit in de voorbereidingsgroep en dit was mijn bijdrage.

  2. Looks like a lovely week off the island with your sister - family and friends!

  3. Great photos to commemmorate a great week. I love how you take advantage of your trips off the island to buy all kinds of goodies for yourself for when you're back home. That doggie is about as cute as they come! Tell me about those books you made...did I miss something about that project??

    1. They were work related. We had a day for the employees of the Dutch Wadden Sea island municipalities and this booklet was part of the hand outs everybody got.

  4. I really enjoy looking at your pictures! It looks like a busy week but a very fun one! All your goodies are so cool! I'm glad you finished your sisters gift on time :)


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