Friday, September 21, 2012

Photography Friday

Foliage and branches against a cloudy sky.

Close up of chopped in tree (why?). I love textures, patterns and structure close ups.

Trees looking slim and tall making me feel small.

Pretty grass plumes (or whatever you call that in English).

A very windy beach. Always make sure to have the wind in your back or you'll be sand blasted.

Sea plant life washed ashore making art in the sand.

And a dam makes for a  wonderful abstract sculpture.

A shell declaring it's love.

A little break during a long walk. Sitting on a dam, staring into the endless view. Could sit there for hours.

Things that wash ashore, rusty old barrel anyone? I always worry a little about what was in it.

Wide beach, impressive sky, some leftover tourists (yay, the busy season's over!).

Photography interrupted. ;-)

People declaring their love on the beach ( I have no idea who Felice is, but she's a lucky girl).

The marina, slowly getting less busy too.

The ferry leaving for the main land. But I think I'll stay here just a little while longer.


  1. Beautiful! Did you notice that the seaplants spell the word "love"?

    1. LOL! I knew they were trying to communicate with me! ;-)

  2. Prachtige foto's weer! Zou ook zo wel 'n poosje kunnen zitten daar...ff uitrusten van een wandeling.
    Vinde de teksten trouwens ook erg leuk bij je foto's!

    1. Dank je wel, Marga. Hier zitten en voor je uitkijken is beslist de 'moeite' waard. :-)

  3. Totally amazing... and beautiful photos Caatje... LOVE the tall... the chopped in... trees... the shell... and even the gorgeous texture on the rock you have your feet on... they are all incredibly stunning... thank you for sharing...

    Jenny x

    1. Thank you Jenny for your kind words.

  4. I love these images of nature.

    1. Thank Teri, I never get tired of making them.

  5. Such lovely photos...they really give a sense of the place you call "home".

  6. Thank you Andria, I feel fortunate to live here.

  7. Such beautiful descriptions for your exquisite pictures.

  8. Hallo Caatje op Vlieland,
    Ik kwam je blog tegen, omdat je in het Engels schrijft dacht ik eerst niet dat je in Nederland woonde, maar je naam verried het een beetje.
    Mooi woon je!


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