Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 21

Another Wednesday, another look at my worktable. Here's how it looks right this minute, but to be honest I left it like this a few days ago and haven't had the opportunity to return to it yet, so this is a what-were-you-up-to-and-didn't-put-away-yet post. ;-)

What you're looking at is a spread from my studio book, the sketchbook I use to play and try stuff out in when I'm in the studio. On the left of the spread are notes I took for the art journaling tutorial while I was working on it, mostly to write down the supplies I use. About the tutorial: life gets in the way sometimes and I will not be able to finish the tutorial as I hoped this week, but hopefully next week. It is fun working on it though. I had planned to post it this Friday, but for now you will have to be content with some more journal spreads then from the atlas. Oh'll live, right? ;-)

The right page is what I was working on to take a break from the tutorial a few days ago. It's a letter drawing of a quote I like by Erica Jong. Here's a close up:

I used gouache for the background and the hand (which is simply a tracing of my own hand), drew in the details with a drawing pen and colored them in with a new set of markers that you can also see on my worktable photo. It was fun to do, but I think I would choose more contrasting colors for hand and background next time, so the hands stands off from the background more.

I do hope you are all up to something artsy today!


  1. Ik geloof dat ik zelf net weer op gang aan het komen ben... ik hopte vandaag op en neer tussen computer en art journal pagina's en maakte er twee af! Wow... terug 'on a roll' dus... ennuh... ook met veel letters! Ik hou van letters!!! Ik vind je pagina dan ook erg mooi!

  2. Pretty page! Lovin' the vines in the fingers.

  3. Nice decoration on the hand, and you're right - that's a great quote!

  4. I love that quote - what a great page! Your work table looks like a fun place to be. I especially like that fabric that's under it all :-)


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