Saturday, August 27, 2011

Atlas continued

Here are some spreads from the atlas. It still is doing a great job as my current everyday journal. I love its size, I love its paper and I love the spreads I'm doing in it. It's sort of a new approach for me and it will be the approach I will teach you in the upcoming tutorial!

What I like about it is that I can do most of the work up front and then just write in it when I feel like it. I don't have to consider the entire page spread when writing. I write early in the morning before work and I just don't have the time then to also think about how I want it all to look. I just want to write then.

What I also love is the use of all those stacks of magazines I have collected over the year. Every now and then I sit down with a couple of them and just cut out pictures so they are ready to use when I need them.

I also get to use all those little funt art supplies that accumulate over time, like stickers or rub ons or pretty tape and even stamps. It all gets used in this journal. There's no pressure of making unique art, it's just play play play and it feels more like decorating than anything else. ;-)

I was supposed to do this post yesterday, but for some reason this is one of those weeks where nothing goes as planned. Nothing serious going on, so don't worry, it's mostly my mind that's on overtime and I'm just really tired the last few days and spent most of the late afternoon yesterday napping instead of blogging or doing anything else that's considered...ehm...useful. Of course napping is very useful when you need it, so I still consider it a few well spent hours. ;-)

Another thing I am engrossed in right now are Suzanne Collins Hunger Games books (the Dutch translation is Hongerspelen for those who want to look them up). It's the kind of reading I did as a child. You know: where you were in bed and your mother said you had to turn off the lights, but you whined for 'one more chapter' and then went on and read three more instead. You know what I mean? I don't want to do art, I just want to read! Just one more chapter, please? ;-)

Well, that's all the spreads I have to show you for today. It's weekend again. Outside the second thunder storm of the day is passing over. I just escaped one on my hike this morning (after getting soaked in one last thursday), so I guess I'm lucky I'm inside now. We are having a very fall like summer here in The Netherlands. I don't mind so much, since I'm not a summer person anyway, but I feel a bit sorry for all the poor tourists that are vacationing here on the island. This must be one of those rare summers where the studio did not get too hot to be in, which is quite unique. (of course summer's not over yet)

On another note: please let me know how you like the changes I'm making on the looks of the blog. I've added tabs and extra pages and would like to know if everything works according to plan. Please let me know if something is off. It's still a work in progress...

I'm also open to any suggestions you might have for possible improvements (if it's within my power to do them of course, I'm no blogging goddess). I'm loving this blog more and more and want to make the most of it.

Wishing you all a wonderful artsy weekend!


  1. I love those Hunger Games books, too! My daughter (25) and I read all of them and can't wait for the movies.

    Great idea to use an atlas for a journal. I love your stye.

  2. I love the idea of using an atlas for a journal. How do you get the lines (your writing) so straight?
    Nice work!

  3. I love how the Atlas is coming along! Looking forward to your tutorial. And the blog is looking Good! I love the 'real you' picture. :)

  4. I keep hearing about the Hunger Games series, but I know nothing about it; I will have to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing your journal pages; they look great! I was inventorying my supplies a few days ago, and looked through a stack of books I bought a long while ago, and guess what I found? A HUGE atlas, which I completely forgot that I bought at a used book sale! I'm not quite ready to jump into it yet, but you are certainly inspiring me in that direction.

    Your blog is looking great...very easy to navigate. Your "About Me" page made me smile! :-)

  5. Lovely pages - my fav's are the last 2 spreads

  6. These pages look fantastic! Now I want to make a journal, too : ), inspired by you (and it's sunday, I've got free time!). I'm going to google the books you mentioned, as I'm always looking for new things to read! Great post, and the blog looks awesome!

  7. Ik vind jouw pagina's toch zoooo geweldig!!! Ik werk zelf op een heel andere manier (heb daar meestal ook meer tijd voor) maar uiteindelijk eindig ook ik met tekst... niet altijd zoveel als jij (daar heb ik weer andere 'boeken' voor) maar ik vind veel tekst op een pagina toch altijd weer prachtig!

  8. The Hunger Games is SOOO good! I couldn't put them down.

    I so want to do an altered atlas ... just need to find one! Your journal reminds me of Judy Wise's ... who is my hero in art journaling/art.

  9. Love your pages! I would like to find a large format book also to alter. Now I have something to search for at thrift shops.
    Aloha, Kate

  10. Thank you all for your kind words.

    @Margie: I don't do anything special to write straight, it's just a skill I aquired through many years of writing in journals with no lines. Practice practice practice! ;-)

  11. It looks nice. I never have so many words to put down!

  12. Die journal pagina's zijn echt prachtig gedaan! Ik zag zoiets pas voor het eerst een paar dagen geleden, maar jee, wat fascinerend allemaal! Echt een hele wereld die opengaat. Wil er zelf ook wel eens mee gaan experimenteren, dus dankje voor de inspiratie!

  13. Just came across this on flickr and hopped on over. These pages are great! I love them! And it's so cool that it is a repurposed atlas.


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