Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 19

Wednesday again! Seems like it was Wednesday just yesterday, but I guess that can't be right. ;-)

Today no view of my studio table, since there's not much going on there right now. But I have plenty of other tables in the house and today I'm showing you two of them, or rather I'm showing you what's on them right now.

Here's table number one. It's my art journaling table in the kitchen downstairs. Every time I realise I can work all over the house I get this, boy-am-I-spoiled-or-what-feeling. ;-)

This is my current journal spread in the altered atlas. I still need to fill the right side with writing.

I had a lot of lovely comments (thank you), both here and through other means like flickr about my atlas spreads. I've been thinking about doing a tutorial about how I build these pages. They are so simple that to me it's almost ridiculous to be praised for them, but maybe somebody would like to know how they're done anyway? I'd also like to say a little more about writing in a journal, because I have the feeling that some people are completely mystified by it (What ever do you write about so much?). I'm curious to know if you artsy blog readers are interested in such a tutorial about easy peasy journaling. Let me know and I'll get to work on it!

On to table number two. This is not really a work table, well, except for the fact that it gets used quite a lot when I'm watching tv or something. It's my coffee table.You can't see much of the table itself, but what's on it is what this is about anyway.

Yes yes yes, I have started zentangling! And yes yes yes, I know that's not how you call it. You're supposed to say 'tangling', sigh, I like 'zentangling' much better. Here you see my first two efforts and a third one is in the making. On the left you see the book I'm using for it, which is quite nice, be it that I think this whole zentangle thing is a little too commercially oriented. I mean, come on, you HAVE to use special zentangle tiles? I'm not falling for that one, people! ;-) All in all I find it more difficult than I thought. Making a pattern in itself it not so hard, but to make an attractive zentangle is. I'm hoping to improve with practice. It is fun though, that's for sure!

Finally, I have jumped the bandwagon of Pinterest! I'm still in the beginning stages, but you can see my first pins here. I have also added the link to my sidebar. I like the idea of having an online scrapbook / inspiration board and it's super easy to add to.

All in all I'm in a period of little studio time, but plenty of entertainment. I'm enjoying it now that I've given myself permission to do so. It's like a little vacation from myself ;-)

Hope you're up to something nice too!