Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 18

Well, I did finally go up to my studio last night. I did some drawing lab drawing, which I will show later, but after that it was time to get all that negativity out somehow, 'cause it was seriously starting to be a drag. And what better way to do that with some art as well? Art is expression, right?

Here's how my worktable looks right now:

What you see are a load of markers and pens and my little signature journal that I started a while ago and that was supposed to be all nice and colorful and cool. For some artsy therapy I have decided to completely ruin it! ;-) That is to say I write over the collage several times and after that I will put big words on it with a big black marker. The point is just to get it all out and move on! 

Sometimes a little vandalism isn't so bad...;-)


  1. If this was facebook, I'd click "like"! :) You go girl. (Sorry if that saying is totally 80s or 90s...but it just - fits).

  2. This post really made me smile today - I have been trying to 'catch up'(eternally) on pages about the past year or so, thus neglecting any recent pictures, doodlings etc. So I decided to start what was going to be a fabulous, wonderful, best pictures ever journal...and hated my first pages! Stuck stuff over and made myself feel a bbit less grumpy about it, but it cheered me up to see your vandalism too!

  3. Art therapy is awesome... cool vandalism :)) and such a great way to get it all out...

    Have a wonderful day Caatje...
    Jenny x

  4. I hope the art therapy/journal vandalism pulled you out of any funk you might have been experiencing. It's the best medicine!

  5. Didn't someone famous say you have to destroy before you create? If they didn't, I'll claim it ;) Brilliant that you did something rather than take the easier option of doing nothing.

  6. Great blog you have here! Glad I happen to stumble upon you.


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