Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 18

Well, I did finally go up to my studio last night. I did some drawing lab drawing, which I will show later, but after that it was time to get all that negativity out somehow, 'cause it was seriously starting to be a drag. And what better way to do that with some art as well? Art is expression, right?

Here's how my worktable looks right now:

What you see are a load of markers and pens and my little signature journal that I started a while ago and that was supposed to be all nice and colorful and cool. For some artsy therapy I have decided to completely ruin it! ;-) That is to say I write over the collage several times and after that I will put big words on it with a big black marker. The point is just to get it all out and move on! 

Sometimes a little vandalism isn't so bad...;-)