Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 17

It's wednesday again already. A quick look at what's on my work table today to show you what I'm up to.

What you are looking at are two things really. On the left is a sheet of paper that is going to be my next collage sheet freebie. It's going to be all about words. So I'm drawing/writing words on it that will later be colored in, either with watercolor pencils or with felt tip pens (haven't decided yet). Underneath the photos on the right you will see a copy I made from a page in my notebook on which I have listed tons and tons of words to use in sheets like this.

The photographs are of my cats. The two that died in the past year and that I really miss. The photographs were taken by my friend Monk and I want to use them for some sort of mixed media piece. Well, they each get their own piece actually. I'm using my sketchbook to write down words that I connect with them to generate ideas for how these pieces are going to look. I'm thinking something with fabric on a paper backing of maybe 12x12 inch cardstock. I'm also thinking about transfering the photographs onto fabric, but so far it's not clear yet what I want to do exactly.

I have done the same thing (writing notes and making associations) with my Wuthering Heights artist's book idea and that still remains a little vague too. It's as if I'm in this period where ideas need to simmer a little before I execute them. In the meantime I do journal, sketch and doodle and as said I am making that word sheet to keep my hands busy.

But because all these ideas (I have plenty more) are sort of brewing while little is being produced I feel all over the place and somewhat lost at the same time. This is all part of the process, but let me make perfectly clear it is not my favorite part. I'd rather be working on something than brewing over it. ;-)

Hope you are all having an artsy wednesday and are brewing over some projects of your own!