Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 15

First let me tell you how overwhelmed I am by all the responses to my handmade book! You don't know how much your comments mean to me, thank you so much! It makes me like the book even more and gives me the courage to maybe do something similar in the future. Ideas are already spinning in my head, oh my!

For now let me show you what's on my worktable in the studio as we speak:

It's the beginning of a whole new Remains of the Day Journal! For now I have simply dubbed it ROD2 . (Now that I think about it that sounds like a robot from Star Wars doesn't it, but I think that was something like R2D2, haha). What you are looking at is the finished inside cover. In fact I have finished the entire cover and am now trying to decide what kind of wrap around I want to make. That's why all those ribbons are lying there.

On the top right corner you see a fragment of my ribbon basket and I'm telling you about it, because of the way I store my loose ribbons. Maybe it's something you'd like to try if loose ribbons getting caught into one another drives you crazy. I put every ribbon in a separate griplock bag. Then I punch a little hole in the bag so the air can escape. That way I can keep the ribbons seperate and protected, and a lot of them will fit in one basket, because the air won't get in the way ;-)

I love love love ribbons and lace by the way (I must have mentioned this before) and for that reason alone I want to show you some cuties I recently purchased (it's not like they were on my work table or anything, I just want to show them off!). 

When dealing with pretty ribbons and lace I become like Gollem from the Lord of the Rings films. "I wantsj it, I needsj it, my presssiousss!" and heaven help the hobbit who tries to steal my ribbons! ;-) Hmm, I guess I'm like that with paper and fabric too. Okay, I'm always like that with art supplies. But...eventually it does always get used. It just may take some time.

Anyway, the above ribbons are so wonderfully old fashioned. I used the third one from the left for the cover of ROD II. Here's a closer look at that cover:

The outside cover.
The inside cover.

I had quite a struggle putting this cover together. That is to say I spent a lot of time last night fighting my sewing machine. I even had to bring out weapons to conquer it, like a screwdriver and many many curses (it was not impressed by the latter). But in the end I was victorious. Woman over machine! Yay!

Although it may seem like it considering my latest posts, not my entire world is dominated by ROD journals. I actually have another journal going at the time. My current everyday journal: the altered atlas. Here's the spread I'm working on right now on my journaling table downstairs.

This spread also hints to something else I've been up to lately, which is going through my stack of magazines and just clipping out images and words that speak to me. I put them in folders/files according to size and this way I have images readily available for journal collageing and my stack of magazines gets a little smaller too.

All in all, I'm pretty busy, but that's the way I like it. Hope you're busy being artsy yourself and wishing you a very creative Wednesday.