Monday, July 18, 2011

Some journal spreads

I'm quite busy with two projects right now. One is a new ROD journal and the other is a small signature journal that I am filling with collage and penwork. Both however are nowhere near ready and I want to save showing fragments of them for my what are you up to post on wednesday. So...for today I thought I'd show you three spreads from my current everyday journal, the altered atlas.

My journals are like an ongoing lifelong project that will only end if I ever get fed up with it or die (I hope to do neither very soon by the way). I'm reluctant to call them art journals, sometimes they contain art, but mostly they are just illustrated or decorated written journals. Especially spreads like I am showing today.

I am simply using some magazine images and some tape and color and other little embellishments to spice up my writing a little. I love to write, I need to write and I need a lot of it, so I need space on the page. But I also like something that's interesting to look at. So I just add 'stuff'. 

There's no rhyme or reason to the pictures I add or to the texts I have cut out of magazines. I just put stuff together on a whim and what you see has absolutely nothing to do with what I write about. It's all just winging it really. ;-)

But I like my journals, they are like steady companions to me and often a reflection of my daily life. I like to keep the sizes and formats of my journals ever changing, so I never get bored. Variety is the spice of life, but it's also the spice of journaling!

Wishing you an artsy week!


  1. Ik had je al eerder via Flickr gezien, en nu wordt ik door een blogmaatje alweer op jouw blog gewezen... wat niet zo vreemd is, want je werk lijkt op dat van mij. 'Bulkschrijven' en art journaling combineren in een 'ongoing' journal... heerlijk is dat hè?!! Ik vind je pagina's prachtig!

  2. Love the idea of an atlas...lots of room to write and add pictures too! Awesome!

  3. Oh! these pages are just wonderful! I love the idea of an much room to write and add stuff. What a clever person you are!

  4. I love your approach. You have a great mix of art/images and writing, and you have a wonderful way of organizing your pages.

  5. Love all the writing, and the cover of your journal Caatje, such yummy things you create! :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing your journal spreads. I have always associated journaling with more writing than's hard to get away from that, even when keeping an "art journal". Your pages do, indeed, give you lots of interesting things to look at! Beautiful.

  7. Love these pages, definately an art journal in my book!!! Check out Traci Bunker's journals and Judy Wises's journals!

  8. Beautiful pages! Inspires me to get to work on my art pages again!! I just found your blog -- now I look forward to backtracking and seeing more of your lovely work!


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