Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 16

Can you believe I've been doing these wednesday posts 15 times already? Well, here's part 16 and here's what's on my worktable in the studio right now:

What you are looking at is the small signature/booklet I am working on right now surrounded by many paper clippings. Last week on a whim I sewed two signature journals. They are filled with 16 pages and have a heavy paper cover. They measure about 15x21 cm, which is A5 size. Past weekend I started prepping the pages of one of them with paints and the past two days I have done a lot of collage. The next step will be pen work. I have no idea how it's going to turn out, but I'll let you know when it's done. In the meantime it's fun to work on a little book with no purpose but just enjoying some artsy play (which of course is the best purpose there is).

A more defined project is at work in my sewing room. There I am working on my second Remains of the  Day journal, surprisingly called ROD2. I have all sorts of elements and papers laid out and it turns out that the ironing board functions very well as a side table too!

See those screwdrivers in the back on the windowsill? Those are the ones I attacked my sewing machine with last week. I keep them handy in case the little devil starts acting up again. ;-)

On my sewing table I have my box of paper treasures.


I love those scrapbook papers with die cuts and labels and borders. When I buy them I always take them apart immediately and put the elements in this box. That way they are readily available when I need them. I know myself and if I have to start looking for the right sheet and still cut them up I simply won't use them. I need my stuff ready to go. It's great fun rummaging through this box to pick out elements for my journal pages. I just do this instinctively by the way, I'm not really looking if it all matches. I look more at size and shape than anything else.

The pages of ROD2 are coming along nicely by the way. Here's a close up:

These are the first two signatures all ready to go into the cover. I still need to finish one more and then I can put the book together. Hopefully by next week I will have this journal finished and ready to use. Not that it will get used very soon, since I have to fill up the atlas first and that will still be a while. But it's good to know this baby will be waiting. In fact I may make a third one in the time to come. It's a very satisfying way to make journals.

I hope you are all having an artsy wednesday too and that you are enjoying yourself!