Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 16

Can you believe I've been doing these wednesday posts 15 times already? Well, here's part 16 and here's what's on my worktable in the studio right now:

What you are looking at is the small signature/booklet I am working on right now surrounded by many paper clippings. Last week on a whim I sewed two signature journals. They are filled with 16 pages and have a heavy paper cover. They measure about 15x21 cm, which is A5 size. Past weekend I started prepping the pages of one of them with paints and the past two days I have done a lot of collage. The next step will be pen work. I have no idea how it's going to turn out, but I'll let you know when it's done. In the meantime it's fun to work on a little book with no purpose but just enjoying some artsy play (which of course is the best purpose there is).

A more defined project is at work in my sewing room. There I am working on my second Remains of the  Day journal, surprisingly called ROD2. I have all sorts of elements and papers laid out and it turns out that the ironing board functions very well as a side table too!

See those screwdrivers in the back on the windowsill? Those are the ones I attacked my sewing machine with last week. I keep them handy in case the little devil starts acting up again. ;-)

On my sewing table I have my box of paper treasures.


I love those scrapbook papers with die cuts and labels and borders. When I buy them I always take them apart immediately and put the elements in this box. That way they are readily available when I need them. I know myself and if I have to start looking for the right sheet and still cut them up I simply won't use them. I need my stuff ready to go. It's great fun rummaging through this box to pick out elements for my journal pages. I just do this instinctively by the way, I'm not really looking if it all matches. I look more at size and shape than anything else.

The pages of ROD2 are coming along nicely by the way. Here's a close up:

These are the first two signatures all ready to go into the cover. I still need to finish one more and then I can put the book together. Hopefully by next week I will have this journal finished and ready to use. Not that it will get used very soon, since I have to fill up the atlas first and that will still be a while. But it's good to know this baby will be waiting. In fact I may make a third one in the time to come. It's a very satisfying way to make journals.

I hope you are all having an artsy wednesday too and that you are enjoying yourself!


  1. These are lovely Caatje - you are so creative in the way you put these together.

  2. Your RODII journal is looking great! I'm with you on having everything prepped and ready to use...when I rip images from catalogs and magazines, I trim around them closely right away, so I can just "grab and glue" when the time comes.

  3. I'm sooo jealous! Last year, I joined ROD flickr group and bought a brother sewing machine for the class but I never made it! I don't understand how to use that damn machine!!! Won't you teach me how to make a journal? I need someone showing it to me!

  4. Makes me want to make seeing this - and I LOVE your colours and images of your other art journal in the previous post. Happy weekend ;-)

  5. Thank you ladies!

    @NaNa - you really need to take Mary Ann's class to learn how to make this journal. She explains everything in detail by showing it in dozens of video's and it would not be right if I taught her class for her ;-)

    The class will not teach you how to use a sewing machine however, but I'm sure there's plenty of tutorials, maybe even on brother's own site, and do read the manual front to back! Don't assume anything (that's where I usually go wrong, assumptions). Getting acquainted with a new machine can always be a little daunting, be patient. I have a very simple cheap machine with no gadgets whatsoever, but I still had to get used to it after being away from a sewing machine for many years.

    If you want to learn how to sew a simple signature journal by hand I'm sure all you have to do is search youtube or look for sites and books on bookbinding (check out my review on Real Life Journals for instance). It's super easy.

    Good luck!

  6. You are SO inspiring! Keep it up. Love those RODs!


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