Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scenes from the everyday journal

As promised here are some spreads from the everyday journal that I just finished. About 90% of the journal looks like the first two spreads. Lots of writing with my photographs pasted in. Sometimes instead of photogaphs I'll glue in postcards I like or magazine pictures. But using your own photographs does feel more authentic.

Sometimes I just need to blow of steam. Be it in a negative or in a positive way. Then you get pages like in the next two spreads. Ugly, but very functional ;-)

And sometimes I will just fill a spread with pictures or a collage of pictures. This happens rarely, but it looks nice when it does.

And just every now and then I will actually do something that may be considered somewhat artsy in my journal. Like this random collage I did of remnants that were left at my work table after working on a project:

Well, there you have it. The everyday journal in all it's glory! Hope you enjoyed it ;-)


  1. I did enjoy it Caatje... lovely pages :)))

    Jenny x

  2. Wow, beautiful pages. I did enjoy, thanks! :-)


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