Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Journal

It's hard to believe but the everyday journal I started a little over two months ago is filled already. I haven't shown much of it, because my everyday journal is usually a lot of writing with photographs and pictures in between. It's not really an art journal, but more of an illustrated writing journal. However I do intend to show you some spreads in one of my next posts. I have already shot some photographs of it, but still need to downsize them in photoshop before posting.

I am still working on a little gift for a friend which is quite fun to make but top secret so while I am quite busy I have little to show for it right now. But...a filled journal means starting another one and this time I have chosen a combination of two journals! One will be another moleskine cahier with no further embellishments (hence I won't show it to you, cause there's nothing to see). This one will be meant for writing only. The other one is a dummy sketchbook that measures 26x18 cm in landscape format. Would you believe I bought this sketchbook over seven years ago when I still worked at a school for visual arts? That's how long it can take sometimes before I use a blank book I  purchase!

This one is meant to be for visual journaling only, so my photographs and drawings and other artsy stuff will go in there. It's a bit of an experiment to see how I like working with two everyday journals that kind of complement each other.

Anyway, since the second one is to be a visual journal I have decorated the cover with some collages.
The front cover looks like this:

As you can see I made a little play on words in the title, calling it a 'heart journal' instead of an 'art journal'.

The back cover looks like this:

The papers used in these collages were made by myself as well. They are color copies of paper I had painted to use in collage. The darker purple parts are transparencies that I also color copied on. It's a pity it doesn't really show on the scan, but they are pretty cool ;-)

I am curious to see how this journal will look when it's filled! Will keep you updated on it from time to time.