Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Collage Sampler

Isn't it strange how you can be in tune with friends even when you don't realise it at the time? Makes you believe in things like telepathy. I have no idea if that was the case here, but as you know I had been working on a gift for a friend who had her birthday recently. It was going to be a booklet full of collages that I have called a 'collage sampler' because I just wanted it to be all about playing with collage without any other goal than that.

While I was still very busy working on it I received a package from her as part of our ongoing mail art exchange. And what do you know? There was a booklet inside that she had made for me! Not with collages, but with sketches and writings. We had never sent each other self made booklets before so you can imagine my surprise when I found out we were both secretly working on one to surprise the other!

I think hers deserves a post all in itself, but I still have to take good pictures or scans of it so I am going to try and do that for my next post. For now I will just show you my side of this coinciding art ;-)  I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Most of the materials used were scraps left over from other art pieces or just stuff I had lying around. The photographs are all my own as well and were also left over from other projects. It was fun making something from all these left overs and it also relieved some of the pressure of having to make something 'pretty' or 'good'. I know my friend is not really into pretty pretry and cute ;-)

Taking the above pictures of the sampler was quite a challenge by the way. Guess who wanted to be in every picture I took? 

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  1. telepathy indeed. What a surprise to find this book in my mailbox!
    I really like the colors and all the layering you did.
    A great birthday present, thank you;)


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