Thursday, November 18, 2010

First pages in the heart journal and blogger annoyance

Well, the heart journal has officially started, so I will show you the first pages I did in it. I am just working in it randomly which is really difficult for me as I am a total control freak. A part of me wants everything neatly in order and chronological. I compromise by dating every input and by keeping a chronological written journal on the side. Working outside of my usual box is always a little scary.

Here's the first page I made. Well, to be honest it's not really the very first page. The first page I did is a hommage to Teesha Moore's new journaling style, but I don't want to break any copyrights by showing you that. Just check out her blog (a link is on the right) to see it for yourself. No one does it like Teesha (though half the journaling world certainly is trying!).

So here's the first page with just my own stuff in it:

It's a page where I tested some new pencils, derwent inktense. They are like inks in a pencil form. Watersoluble, but after they dry they become waterproof, which is pretty cool. I just wanted to get a feel for them, so I made this little drawing of shapes and a tree branch. I love empty tree branches, the way they meander into smaller branches and twigs. Beautiful.

The first entry was just a one pager, but the second is a full spread.

It's a very different format when you are using a landscape oriented book and that's quite interesting to work with. The hands are photocopies of my own hands. It was hard for me to stop adding things, I wanted it to remain rather simple and uncomplicated, but I always have this tendency to want to fill every empty space! I think I did okay with this spread though! ;-)

Now for something completely different: am I the only one who wants to smack the blogger people for the troubles with uploading images? Assuming of course I am not the only one having these troubles? Just putting these two images in today is costing me years of my life. Why can't they just fix this stuff? I've even had to put this post on hold because I couldn't get the pictures uploaded the first time. It should not take an hour and a half to do a small post like this. This is driving me crazy, blogging shouldn't be this annoying!