Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pretty in pink

On to the next phase of my trilogy. Well, it's not really MY trilogy is it? It's my niece's, but as long as it's still in the making I suppose we can sort of share it for a while ;-)

When I got the assignment to make something for her wall my niece liked the idea of black and white with the added spice of pink or green. I tried several things in sketches, but nothing really seemed to work. However, now that I have used paper doilies for the background that gave me an idea for the next phase of the foreground of the panels. I decided to use these paper doilies as decorations!  I wanted to paint them first and what better color than some vibrant pinks? Problem solved! So tonight I spent painting paper doilies in three colors of pink and here's what they look like now:

Of course they're all warped from the paint, but a little gel medium when I put them on the canvasses will fix that right up. I love these colors and think they will stand out beautifully against the deep black of the background.

The center of the doilies still seemed a little boring to me, so my next intention is to fill them with something else and for now my idea is to paste over them with color scans of fake pink flowers that I have in my studio. I have used these flowers in journals and art works before and they work quite well. I took a picture of them to give you an idea of what they look like:

They come in three or four different color combinations, but all pinks. So they will go very well with the doilies I think. That part will have to wait for a later time though. The coming two days I am so swamped I will have absolutely no studio time. But the trilogy will continue after that, dear niece, I promise!