Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot hot hot

Well it's been a warm couple of days and it shows in my productivity (minimal). My studio is located in a part of my house which is right under the rooftop and the sun shines (burns) on it all day making it feel more like a sauna than a studio really. I've been spending a lot of time just sitting quietly in the back yard reading, not trying to do too much. Uhm, I just realized this sounds like I do nothing all day, but I do work full time in the office and try to get my chores done. Wish I could be that lazy though, I so enjoy reading!

Even my usual love for long hikes across the island is diminished with this kind of weather and I have to admit it's not even that bad here where we still have the nice (relatively) cooling influence of sea wind. But today my guilt overtook my dislike for warmth (really I am a winter person, just move me to scandinavia or northern canada, I'll be fine). Time to put some things on my blog!

I have been doing some art (one can never go completely without) and I thougth I'd also show you some pages from another book that were finished some time ago. Hope it's worth the wait ;-)

First I must adhere to my obligations to my niece and show the trilogy. There was a little private panic in my studio when I couldn't find the quotes I had collected to put on the canvases! Yikes! So instead I started to work on the hills on which the trees are going to stand. And that looks like this.

See how I've done the two things I thought could not possibly be done? I integrated pink AND green in the work! Nifty right? I also have the good news that I have found the quotes at last and will be able to put the text on soon (whew).

I also finished another spread in the ALMBH journal (for those just tuning in: A Life Made By Hand-journal for a class by Kelly Kilmer). Here it is:

It's not after a prompt of the class though. It is just about my impatience for things to happen, like finally being able to just make art. It made me think of the beautiful song "Seasons Change" by Corinne Bailey Rae which is about just this subject that all things happen in their own time and we must learn to be patient (in theory this sounds really nice, in real life it can drive me up the wall).

Finally I thought I'd show you a few spreads from my 'Coffee Table Book'. This is a cheap blank journal with rather annoying paper (it sucks up fluids like a paper towel) that lies on my coffee table to doodle and play in when I am watching tv or just doing nothing sitting on the couch. I sometimes put pictures in it too or just notes of things. I don't really consider it a journal, just table book for my own enjoyment. Since I have very limited supplies downstairs the style is very different from my art journals. I kind of like the limitations and it also leads to funny things like using the top of a container of potatoe chips as flowers and stuff like that. Anyway, here are some examples from that book :

In most of the spreads I use either colored pencils or neocolor crayons, a glue stick and some pictures or loose papers. No paints or fancy pens here. But I will be glad when it starts to cool down a bit and I can get to my beloved acrylics again, I do miss my studio!