Friday, June 4, 2010

New spread

Yesterday I finished the first spread of the second signature journal. I am more pleased with it than with the front cover. The rest of the journal (six more spreads and the back to go) is already collaged, but still needs many finishing touches.

This style of journaling is somehow difficult for me, but that's what makes it a challenge I suppose, it gets me out of my comfort zone.

Speaking of challenges: I have today decided to enter an online class with Kelly Kilmer. She absolutely rocks and I would love to see her techniques and ideas to bookmaking and journaling. Want to know more about her? There's a link in the blogroll to the left. I checked with some journaling people first on the several yahoo groups I am a member of, to see if anyone had done her classes and they were very enthousiastic, so that should be okay. Looking forward to learning new things!

So now the weekend has come and that makes me happy, because: no office time required. Will not be creating tomorrow though as I have plans to go shopping with a girlfriend, but sunday and tonight are still wide open for me to be productive and artsy. And in the back of my mind the ideas always lurk, whatever I'm doing. Creative doing may be put on hold once in a while, but creative thinking never stops!