Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A vacation in six walks - Fourth walk - Zutphen

The first week of October I got to have a free vacation by house sitting for my sister again who lives in te East of the Netherlands in a town called Zelhhem, which is in a region called Achterhoek.
During the week I went on six medium to long walks in different parts of the region. 
I cannot walk anywhere without taking pictures, so I will take you along with me vicariously by giving you a photographic impression of each walk. That means six posts of just landscapes, castles, windmills and other lovely scenery. 

I sure hope you will enjoy the view!

Fourth Walk - In and around the city of Zutphen

My fourth walk took me to Zutphen, which is a beautiful city along the river IJssel. I walked trough its center and also along its border which consisted of park like landscapes and lots of canals. And of course I came along the IJssel itself as well.

Unfortunately to get from place to place I had to pass some rather boring suburbs, so this was not my favorite walk of the week. It made me realize I'm very much a landscape walker, much more than cityscape, if you know  what I mean.

But there were still plenty of pretty sights to be had, so here's an impression of my walk of that day:

Market day!

This is a remnant of the old city wall.

It was a day of reasonably pleasant weather. Not too hot, not too cold and no rain. complaints. :-)

After four days of walking however, I was really starting to feel it in my legs and feet and took a day off. So the fifth day of my vacation was spent mostly with my feet up. It was a bit warmer and so I could sit in my sister's patio and read and nap and read again. All the better to gather some strength for two more walks, which we'll get to in two more posts.

Until then I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!