Sunday, March 4, 2018

All the little squares

In my never ending love of grids I am most surprised by how I still keep finding new ways to work with them after several years of play and experimentation.

Lately I have been inspired by a more pixel like approach, where I colour in every little square separately and let those form a pattern or abstract drawing. It's an experiment that started in my journal (which I will show you in a later post) and that has now found it's way into my favorite grid drawing sketchbook: the Molesekine XL Squared notebook.

Here are some drawings that I recently finished:

Colouring in every little square seperately makes these even more slow going than my usual grid drawings. One of these can take about five hours of work. I hardly ever finish them in one go, but they do keep me occupied while I listen to my favorite podcasts and they can be comfortably done on the couch. I may have a studio and a second worktable downstairs, but nothing beats art on the couch!

Hope you liked this peek into my sketchbook and this new approach to grids and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.