Friday, August 4, 2017

Morning Portraits

My current project of morning art continues. I'm filling a 32 page sketchbook with nothing but portraits. Most of these are done in multicolour pencils by Koh-i-noor. I like using these so much that I'm almost sorry I did the first two portraits in this sketchbook in watercolour. Those two now make the book look less consistent, but oh well...these things happen and it is only a sketchbook after all.

Here are portraits 10 to 15:

I'm still picking faces from the same (old) mail order catalogue I started with. I love drawing women and girls, I'm not sure why. I have always done this, since primary school actually. I was always drawing girl's faces in my notebook, often just from my imagination. I guess some things just stay with you your entire life. ;-)

Hope you are doing well wherever you are and wishing you a wonderful and artsy weekend!