Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Morning Paintings

My morning painting practice continues. I haven't shown some in a while because of vacations and birthdays but as this gets posted I have just finished my second sketchbook and done 80 of them! I'm pretty proud of that I can tell you!

Here are paintings number 51 to 60.

#51 - Monochromatic Town

#52 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl Reprise

# 53 - Hyacinthoides Hispanica

#54 - Yellow, Orange, Red, Ochre, Brown

#55 - Green and Blue Drops

#56 - Tree Silhouette

#57 - Dots on Yellow

#58 - Dots and Circles

#59 - Flower Pattern

#60 - Pattern

As always these were done in gouache and almost always in the morning. Sometimes practical things get in the way. For instance I did not do them on my vacation to Texel and sometimes there's just no time and I end up doing one later in the day, but that does not happen very often, so I'll just continue to call them morning paintings. I doubt the morning painting police will show up at my door anytime soon. ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.