Saturday, April 11, 2015

Birthday giveaway - The Flow Book for Paper Lovers!

Well, I sure hope you are all well rested after our photography trip to Texel, because it's time for another fun event: my birthday!

Today I turn 45. My, how the time flies. As I've already stated in the past I have no hangups about getting older. So far life just gets better with age and I hope to keep that up.

While you are reading this I am actually on a little trip I gave myself as a birthday present. For years now I have wanted to go to the zoo in Emmen (which is in the east of the Netherlands and a gorgeous zoo) to have a day of just photographing all the animals there. I never really went, because as you know I live on an island and a trip like that would take me three days. Well, now I have actually booked a hotel in Emmen and am staying there for a weekend trip. A photography trip to the zoo! I swear, I'm still a kid at heart, that's how excited I am about this, haha. But hey, I'm 45, I can do whatever I want!

Now, to the exciting part for you:

It has become a bit of a personal tradition for me to do a giveaway on my birthday and this year I picked a really fun one. For years I have been a big fan of the Dutch magazine Flow and for years I was a bit sorry I could not share it with my international followers. It's gorgeous after all. But what do you know: Flow is taking over the world! There are now French and German and international versions of this magazine. You can read all about it here.

As it grew bigger and bigger Flow has been publishing special editions and now even weekly notebooks. But my absolute favorite is The Flow Book for Paper Lovers! It's exactly what it says it is: a book for lovers of everything paper. It's one thick book filled to the brim with pretty papers, stickers, tags, labels, posters, wrapping paper, pages to colour in, paper projects, postcards. You name it, it's in there.

Last year's edition was so popular it totally sold out, but thankfully this year's edition is still available.
Here are some pics to show you what I'm talking about. This is the book that is in my personal possession.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg, people!

So here's my giveaway: for one lucky commenter I will go to the Flow site and order and have shipped a paper lovers book to their door! And yes, this is an international giveaway, so you all can play.

The rules are simple:
  • Comment on this post before April 18. I'd love to hear what you would do with a book full of paper goodies, but just wishing me a happy birthday is allowed too.
  • I will randomly draw a winner on April 18.
  • Check between April 18 and April 25 to see if you have won and if so contact me (I will give the contact info in the April 18 post, but if you look at my profile you will see it too).
  • If you do not contact me before or on April 25 I will pick another winner.
  • I will not search half the internet to find you, so if you know you will not (be able to) check back, just don't respond. (Yes, I have hangups about this.) 

That's all. No jumping through hoops necessary.

I hope I can make somebody really happy with this book. How happy? Oh, about as happy as a birthday girl in a zoo!

Have a good weekend all!