Sunday, April 19, 2015

Let's go to the zoo! - part two of two

Ready for some more zoo visiting? I know I am!

Here are the rest of the photographs of my visit to the zoo in Emmen last weekend. Now we get to the more dangerous and bigger animals. And some butterflies too! Don't worry they weren't put in the same space. ;-)

This is my absolute favorite shot of that weekend!

The big cats are my favorite animals. Those and wolves, but they don't have those in Emmen. I hope to one day get some wolf shots in another zoo (close to where my sister lives). I am always a bit dubious about how I feel about zoo's in general, but for me they are the only way to get close up shots of animals that don't live here naturally and there's always a kid in me that's just fascinated by the different species that walk this earth.

But for the coming days I think I will stick close to home. I've had so much going on, with birthday visitors, a vacation, and several trips and stuff, that a coworker recently said "Isn't it about time you just stayed home for a while?". She was joking of course, but she was not wrong. So for the coming weeks I hope to have some quality time on my island and in my studio.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy week!