Friday, February 13, 2015

Morning Paintings

I can't believe it. I've been doing morning paintings for four weeks now!

Every morning I start by going to my studio and then I paint one page in the little Seawhite Eco Sketchbook. It's almost full already, but then again it only has 32 pages. Still I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping it up so long, because trust me, for me this is long. ;-)

Here are the paintings I did between January 24 and 31.

24 + 25 January

#8 - rainbow mandala (done on the ferry)

#9 - stuffed toy at sister's house

26 + 27 January

#10 - diamond pattern

#11 - dorrebomen (bare trees)

28 + 29 January

#12 - circle pattern

#13 - imaginary vase with flowers

30 + 31 January

#30 - kaasjeskruid (sorry don't know the english name)

#15 - War Horse (at Mercure Hotel Groningen, yes we saw it!)

Most of these were done in gouache, except the ones where I was not at home, those were done in watercolour, because that's more practical on the go.

As much as I don't like getting up early I always enjoy doing these paintings. They are actually worth getting up for. I really get this feeling of 'flow' when I work on these.

Now that this sketchbook is slowly coming to an end (well for me anyway, I still have to show half of it on the blog) I am starting to think of what to do next and what sketchbook to use. I haven't figured it all out yet, but I will keep you posted the minute I do! I do know that this act of painting every morning feels really good so far, so I want to keep it up.

Hope you're doing something fun in your neck of the woods. Have a wonderful and artsy weekend all!