Monday, February 2, 2015

From the Pattern Book

My Pattern Book is a continuing source of joy to me. I like working in it and I like looking through it. Just the thought that I drew all these colourful patterns makes me happy and they look so pretty together in one little book (a Moleskine sketchbook)!

Here's a selection of some of my latest patterns.

As always my patterns were drawn with a normal sized Pitt brush marker and then coloured in with my Pitt Big Brush markers. If you are looking for a nice marker that will go well with your Moleskine sketchbook paper (and few things go well with it has been my experience), doesn't bleed through the paper and has a good lightfastness then these are the markers you want (and no I don't get paid for saying that, haha). I love them so much and they seem to last forever. The only drawback of them is that the colour range is limited, especially compared to alcohol markers like the Copics (which I don't like at all). Nothing is ever perfect is it? ;-)

Hope you have some art materials you're in love with and that you play with them a lot.

Have a wonderful and artsy day my blogsy people!