Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From the Picture Book

I keep a Picture Book. It is pretty much what its name says it is: a book for pictures. Pictures I cut from magazines, pictures I took from the internet, pictures I took myself with my camera and any and all kind of other pictures that inspires me. I also refer to it as Printerest (you know, a printed Pinterest of my own making?).

I try as much as possible to name the artists of the works I like, if only so I can look them up later, but I'm not going to not put an image in if I can't find its source. My approach to copyright is mostly pragmatic. This book is for my personal inspiration and enjoyment and I have no intention of copying anybody's work.

Both the looking in this book and the adding of new imagery is relaxing. It's a very simple way to play with imagery.

I'm curious if you keep a physical picture book as well and how it's set up? I don't do Pinterest and find this paper book way more satisfying. How does that work for you?

Hope you are all inspired by beautiful pictures around you and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.