Sunday, June 8, 2014

From the Composition Book

I hadn't worked in my Composition Book for a while, so it was about time I did.

The Composition Book is an A5 sized sketchbook where I do collage compositions just to play with decorative papers and shapes. I like playing with the backgrounds and shuffling different simple shapes around until I get a composition that's to my liking. To finish a page I usually add some pen work.

Here are my latest:

While I made some of the above pages I also took pictures of the process. This is because I intend to do a tutorial on these, so you can try them at home. They are really a lot of fun.
I have all the pictures, but the tutorial post will have to wait until later, because as of now I will be on a little blog break for about ten days or so. See, I have a free vacation trip coming up!

Today I will be leaving for my sisters house, who'll be on vacation herself, to spend a week there like I usually do once a year. A week spend in the east of the Netherlands in the region I originally come from and where my heart still lies. I really look forward to it.

If the weather cooperates I hope to be going on a lot of walks and I will be bringing the 'real' camera for this, so you can expect another couple of slideshows when I get back.

Until then I wish you all a wonderful and artsy week!