Friday, November 23, 2018

Foggy Fall Forest

Autumn is here and that means that walks through the forest are especially pleasing to the eye, especially on a somewhat foggy day. Like on the day I took these pictures during one of my morning walks.

I especially enjoy the carpets of leaves that are being made on the ground by the different types of trees. We mostly have pines on our island, so any leaf shedding tree makes a big difference. Also the less leaves remain on a tree the more clear the shape of the branches becomes and I  am forever fascinated by the shapes of winter trees.

All in all I'm pretty happy the cooler season has begun and that winter is on its way. I just wish time would go a bit more slowly. Can you believe we are already approaching December? What happened to the year? If you have any idea where it went please let me know, for I am at a loss. ;-)

Until then I hope you enjoy the change of the seasons wherever you live (be it fall or spring or anything in between) and wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!