Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A vacation in six walks - Sixth walk - Ruurlo

The first week of October I got to have a free vacation by house sitting for my sister again who lives in te East of the Netherlands in a town called Zelhhem, which is in a region called Achterhoek.
During the week I went on six medium to long walks in different parts of the region. 
I cannot walk anywhere without taking pictures, so I will take you along with me vicariously by giving you a photographic impression of each walk. That means six posts of just landscapes, castles, windmills and other lovely scenery. 

I sure hope you will enjoy the view!

Sixth walk - West of Ruurlo

My last vacation day was very near to perfect. Not only was te weather much cooler, it was also still very sunny and nice out, plus the walk I took was just stunning. I took the bus to the town of Ruurlo, but I did not visit the town itself. Right next to it on the west is Ruurlo Castle and next to that are glorious landscapes to be had. After two walks in and around towns, I kind of wanted to avoid the town itself and just be 'outdoors'. I got what I wanted.

So here's an impression of my last vacation walk:

Ruurlo Castle - it houses an art museum.

I had my lunch here, can you imagine?

And with this sixth and final walk I concluded my lovely vacation, and we conclude this series of posts on the blog. Thank you all for bearing with me. I just have to get these trips out of my system before I can move on with the regular artsy stuff.

I do hope you enjoyed viewing these walks as much as I enjoyed doing them. I'm still a little 'homesick' for this lovely area and its comforting to know I can visit there from time to time and stay in sister's house again.

For now though I will enjoy being on this beautiful island I call home and am back to my regular routine. Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!