Saturday, June 24, 2017

Impressions of a lazy vacation

Hello my blogsy people, I'm back from a lovely week in sisters house. Lovely and wonderfully uneventful, which is exactly what I wanted, but also why there won't be a huge ten part slide show as is usually the case.

Usually when I go on vacation I want to explore a lot, take photographs all the time, see new things, walk new trails, and so on and so forth. But this week I just wanted to relax and pretty much do nothing.
Of course 'nothing' is a relative term. I had to take care of my sisters dog after all and a week without journaling is unthinkable. But mostly I read or just kind of zoned out. Many naps were taken I can tell you.

The weather was mostly quite warm with a few cooler days in between which kind of supported me being less active than usual. My little foster dog Jinte did not care for the heat at all, so even if I had wanted to take really long walks with her I wouldn't have been able to. Instead we went on shorter walks and lazed about in sisters lovely patio and home. It felt very luxurious.

Anyway, here's a short photographic impression of a very nice laid back week. As I said, no new places were explored, but that doesn't mean that the surrounding area of sisters house isn't stunning in itself and deserves a pic or two, not to mention the cute doggy. ;-)

My travel journal stuff. I took a set of three pocket moleskine cahiers and some felt tip pens..

My vacation bonus. Her name is Jinte and she's as adorable as she looks.

This picture pretty much sums up my entire vacation best.

Sister lives on the edge of a rural town. If you walk a few minutes from her house there is farmland aplenty.

These are the types of drawings I did in my travel journal, so no sketching or anything like that.

After your wake your sitter for a ridiculously early morning walk, you really need a nap.

The only really long walk I took was on a refreshingly cool day. Still wore out the dog.

I took exactly one bike ride. To Slangenburg Castle, because it's one of my favorite places over there.

Reflection perfection.

Some days were just too warm to do anything but this. Not complaining by the way. ;-)

Another farm land walk, not so far this time.

Sheep telling me I shall not pass. Then Jinte barked and they let me pass.

Sisters patio. The perfect place to cool down late at night.

Another farm land walk with a tired dog.

Every day I wondered more if she would fit in my suitcase, so I could sneak her home.

Flowers in sisters patio.

They were gorgeous.

Last morning right before I left. I did not put her in my suitcase.

Mostly because I had this waiting for me at home.

And that wraps up my third (!) vacation this year. It gets even more decadent, because in October I can go there again since sister and her husband will be going away again. This time they will take the dog, so I will be able to explore a bit further out without having to leave her at home all day. This really is a very luxurious year as far as vacations are concerned and I am certainly enjoying it.

But for now we are entering the summer season on the island. School vacations will start soon and for a holiday atmosphere I can just stay home (although truth be told I'm always glad when September comes around and it gets a bit less busy here). Anyway I never take any time off in the summer, it's simply not necessary, haha.

Hope you have lovely summer plans and wishing you a wonderful and artsy weekend.

Good to be back!